Our business philosophy is based on character, integrity and trust. Partner with us and throw away everything you thought you knew about corporate wellness. Discover the "BlueApple Experience". 

Our events are nothing like you've ever seen before. Offer your people a chance to receive advanced testing that may just save their life.

Because of recent changes in healthcare coverage, physicians will not order many of the tests we administer unless symptoms are present.

Unlike other wellness companies, our modern medical technologies take an in-depth look that may uncover potential or present conditions. Addressing issues sooner than later is crucial in minimizing pain and costs.

Why choose BlueApple Health?

  • Customized wellness programs that make a difference
  • No outsourcing, our team is BlueApple trained
  • Marketing materials designed specifically for your organization: emails, flyers, posters and more
  • Proprietary software for easy online registration
  • Relaxing spa-like onsite screenings that people talk about
  • Sophisticated lab testing with world renowned labs
  • Advanced ultrasound imaging and technology
  • Highly qualified technicians, phlebotomists & board certified physicians
  • Online results through secure electronic medical records portal
  • Aggregate report
  • Comprehensive portfolio of tests
  • Fully insured and compliant with HIPAA, CLIA, CAP and OSHA requirements

BlueApple Health brings a fresh approach to wellness for everyone:

For Corporations that are looking for quality screenings...

BlueApple Health Corporate Wellness Programs will exhilarate your employees and ROI.

For Associations that dare to be different...

BlueApple Heath Wellness Programs will make you stand out.

For Brokers who need a wellness company that really puts a dent in medical costs...

BlueApple Health Programs will cut spending dramatically over time.

For Individuals who want to be their own healthcare advocate...

BlueApple Health will give you what most physicians won't.

For Athetes who want to know if they have underlying issues...

BlueApple Health's Athletic Program gives you the critical medical info you need to know.

To set up a BlueApple Health Wellness Program Contact Us.