Why do America's top companies provide major comprehensive screenings to their top executives? It's because of their value to the company. Now all your employees can benefit from the same service.

Most wellness companies only provide biometrics and coaching programs. While these services have their place, our in-depth diagnostics allows us to discover the presence of disease and track it's progression before it becomes a major problem.

Lets be realistic here, telling people to exercise or trusting them to eat better is great. However, it cannot replace the value of truly understanding whether you have hidden health risks that require intervention.

BlueApple Health's H2H Executive Wellness Programs offer tests that physicians may not order and what insurance companies may not cover.

BlueApple Health's vast Portfolio of Tests includes sophisticated biomarkers developed by the world renowned Cleveland HeartLab and the Cleveland Clinic. These tests may reveal risks associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancers and more.  Radiation-free cardiovascular and vascular imaging allows visualization and assessment of potentially harmful vascular plaque and other serious conditions.

For example, advanced inflammation biomarkers can better assess plaque in the arteries and risk for stroke. 80% of strokes are preventable. Discovering risk factors for stroke before it occurs may save a company up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and that's only from one person alone. Not to mention the quality of life for that individual and their family!

Take a look into the next evolution of health screenings. Customize a program designed to meet the needs of all your employees. Your associates can even personalize their screening by adding additional tests.

Our knowledgeable wellness managers will assist you in creating a BlueApple Health H2H Executive Wellness Program.

Learn more about our Portfolio of Tests.