Optimize your client's health benefits with preventive wellness programs that actually make a difference.

Companies understand the impact of a superior wellness program. By integrating BlueApple Health with your other benefit services, you can achieve a positive affect on employees’ health while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs. Discovering health risks before a major event occurs saves lives and money.

Once your clients see the possibilities with BlueApple, they will only trust you with their benefits decisions. We will make you look good!

We know there are many wellness choices.  BlueApple Health provides the crucial tests that initiate change for the same cost that most companies charge to just “talk” to employees.

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Consider this. If an employee is simply told that they have high cholesterol or high blood pressure with no additional follow-up, then that employee may be at serious risk. We believe knowledge is power. Our sophisticated tests can reveal advancing cardiovascular disease and more. Armed with targeted medical information and an individualized plan, that same person can overcome health challenges. 

The high cost of medical expenditures can be controlled resulting in a positive benefit for both, the employee and the company. True change is then ultimately achieved!

BlueApple Health offers a portfolio of services that can meet the demands of every corporate wellness program. All from one experienced provider:

  • We work with self-insured and fully insured corporations
  • Serving businesses and industries of all sizes in the U.S and Canada
  • Wellness programs designed to increase productivity and ROI
  • Customized programs to meet every requirement and budget
  • Onsite and offsite services
  • Incentive programs to increase participation
  • Sales support and more

If you are an insurance broker or corporate benefits consultant, include a wellness partner that delivers excellence and results. Contact Us.