Promote wellness! Save lives! Accelerate your growth! Offer a BlueApple Health Program at your next event.

Convenient healthcare for the"on-the-go professionals." What could be more valuable?

Today people are busier than ever leaving little time to take care of themselves. Our wellness programs give your members a chance to be their own health advocate in the convenient setting of your event. It's easy, fast, painless and it may even save one of their lives! 

Unlike your other exhibitors, BlueApple Health does not attend the show to promote our service to other organizations. We are solely there to provide a valuable service for your members. We serve many associations ranging in size from 50 to nearly 100,000 attendees. Take the convention experience in a new direction. Your attendees will be talking about it long after the meeting is over and thanking you for the opportunity.

Here's how your members can benefit from our wellness programs:


Onsite screenings take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the tests.  Members register and receive their easy to understand test results online!

Cost Effective

Screening tests are available to your members at a reduced cost! Or even free if it is sponsored! See our financial options below.


Our proprietary electronic medical records (EMR) software keeps your health data secure. Members can have our assurance of total confidentiality.

What's in it for you and your sponsors?

Offering a BlueApple Wellness Program at your next event will generate the following results:

  • Increases event revenue
  • Unique promotional opportunity for your meeting, definitely draws attention
  • Great perk for your members
  • Brings in attendees
  • Creates sponsor awareness
  • Placement of sponsor logo on marketing materials such as signs, emails and wellness report
  • Goodwill shows you care

3 Flexible Financial Options to Choose From

Sponsored Event

A sponsored program is paid by your organization or you can cover the cost and add revenue by selling sponsorship(s). This option insures maximum participation since it is free to the attendees. 

Sponsor & Attendee Pay 

Offer a lower price to your members by securing partial sponsorship to offset some of the cost.

Attendee Pay

Attendees pay a special event fee directly online. Members will appreciate the chance to receive medical testing at an attractive price.

What you need to know...

  • Physicians will not order these tests unless symptoms are present.

  • These tests performed in the hospital may cost more than $3000 plus the inconvenience of waiting for hours! 

  • BlueApple Health strategic partners are premiere national laboratories and specialty labs.

  • Concerned about liability?  BlueApple Health is fully insured and compliant with HIPAA, CLIA, CAP and OSHA requirements.

  • An aggregate report is provided to help you assess and understand the health needs of your members.

Our portfolio of tests includes cutting edge blood diagnostics, digital imaging and more. For further information to present a BlueApple Health Wellness Program at your next event Contact Us.