Your employees' wellness directly impacts your company’s success. Let BlueApple help you build a healthier culture to accelerate your business.

So... was your renewal rate good this year? Are you looking to reduce it? If yes, read on...

Healthcare costs are on the rise. Employers today spend $17,545 on average for family coverage — a 54% increase since 2005.*

*The Kaiser Family Foundation Survey 2015

Obese employees had seven times higher medical costs than their fit counterparts. - Duke University Medical Center Study

Each smoker can cost companies any where from $2,885 to $10,125 per year in health related insurance claims and absenteeism. - Ohio State University Study

Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in the U.S. Medical costs and disability estimated $73.7 billion in 2010. - American Heart Association


Cardiovascular diseases and stroke total more than $320.1 billion including health expenditures and lost productivity. - American Heart Association

 Telling people to walk more, eat healthy or stop smoking is nice, but what is it really doing for your claim costs? BlueApple Health does more than just "encourage" your employees. We deliver a wellness program that makes a dramatic dent in healthcare spending.

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We understand that your benefit costs are probably the second most expensive line in your annual budget. BlueApple Health is here to help.

Let’s face it…healthier employees have less sick days and are more productive! When you partner with BlueApple Health, your competitive edge multiplies exponentially. Your employees and CFO will appreciate the benefits of an advanced wellness program.

Boost company loyalty and moral by nurturing smart healthy habits.

Less sick days increase work quality and productivity on average up to 25%.

Lower your insurance premiums with healthier employees.

So how do you place a value on heart attack or stroke prevention? We think it's priceless! In reality, our screenings could conceivably save your company up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, not to mention the benefits to your employee.

On top of that, insurance providers reward companies for wellness programs. They know that early intervention means less expense down the road. BlueApple screenings discover critical conditions early before they require costly treatments.

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Personalized precision wellness is the hallmark of BlueApple Health. We take pride in our quality care and exceptional service.

Most BlueApple clients experience a considerable spike in employee participation after the first year once they see the benefits. Our 65% to 77% engagement record is a testimony to how much employees love what we do.

A customized BlueApple Health Wellness Program is a benefit where the employee participates and can claim ownership.

  • Executive onsite screenings for all your employees at an impressive cost. It only takes between 20-45 minutes per individual, depending on the program. 
  • We do not outsource. Our proprietary software includes a secure personal medical records portal. We keep your employees’ health data completely confidential.
  • An aggregate report is generated so you can understand and assess the health needs of your corporation. 
  • BlueApple Health is fully insured and is compliant with HIPAA, CLIA, CAP and OSHA requirements.  

We do it all in 7 easy steps!

Other BlueApple Health Corporate Programs

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Health Coaching

  • Back & Neck Care

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