Osteoporosis Ultrasound

What is an Osteoporosis Ultrasound?

An osteoporosis ultrasound is a screening test performed to measure the density of your bones. BlueApple Health uses advanced ultrasonometry with real time imaging.  

This screening is does not emit any radiation and provides T-scores that correspond to the diagnostic criteria defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Unlike other peripheral osteoporosis measurements, the results obtained are similar in response to bone aging as the DEXA test (x-ray) performed on the hip and spine.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends more detailed central DEXA testing for any patient who receives an abnormal screening score. Please discuss your T-Score with your primary care physician.

How is it performed?

Your technician will ask you to sit down.  A transducer is used to obtain ultrasound images and measurements of selected bones, either your arm or ankle.  When the test is complete your T-score will be determined.

This test is completely painless and takes approximately 5 minutes.

An osteoporosis screening can detect serious problems early before symptoms are present and when treatment is most successful.

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